Spending one on one time with your children

Time is precious. It always has been but as parents it seems even more so. Carving out time to spend with your children while dealing with the challenges of adulthood can be overwhelming. Not only does spending one on one create beautiful memories for your children it can also have a positive impact on their confidence, happiness and over all well-being.

This special time needs to be scheduled on a regular basis but at the same time as parents we need to be realistic. Schedule time in a way which suits you and your commitments. It’s better to have less time together in which you can give your child your undivided attention than more time with countless distractions.

Here are some practical ideas we have found how you can fit one on one time into your daily lives:

Special Days

Pick a day once a month or once a week, which will be your child’s “special day”. Set a reminder and have an activity of their choice planned.


Taking a walk around the neighbourhood is a great chance to just talk and get some fresh air. It is also an opportunity for you both to make neighbourhood friends/acquaintances together.


Not the most glamorous of activities but running errands is still a great opportunity to just be together and talk. It also gives children a chance to appreciate and witness some of the more mundane tasks we do as adults!


Making bedtime into an opportunity to spend time together just means starting the routine a little earlier and picking an activity which will also work as a way to wind down. Reading a book, praying, journalling are all great ways to be together and get ready for bed.

Do you have some practical ideas on how to schedule one on one time? Please share them with us in the comments!

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