Setting Actionable Goals

What is an actionable goal?

John Doe has a goal of introducing more vegetables in his daughters diet. He is more likely to achieve his goal if he sets an actionable goal, e.g. “I want to include broccoli in my daughters dinner every Wednesday.” Now the likelihood of John achieving this goal becomes much more probable because he has been specific about what vegetable, at what time and which day of the week he will be giving it. 


Setting actionable goals will push you towards change.

The very act of writing clear actionable goals pushes you to make changes. Actionable goals push you to take action on a consistent basis to achieve your overall goal. 


Setting actionable goals keeps you motivated.

When John sees his daughter trying broccoli on a Wednesday night at dinner, he’s over the moon. And that’s what setting actionable goals does. Set actionable goals, achieve them and witness the progress. Setting actionable goals is addicting because they are realistic and easily achievable on a regular basis.


Setting actionable goals will help you grow.

Perhaps the most important reason why setting actionable goals work is because they help you grow. By being witness to your own progress you are also able to tweak your goals and thus actions to better suit and facilitate your growth

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