A habit & routine builder for parents

Thrive by building habits & routines that increase the well being of every member of the family. Take advantage of every moment of everyday to serve you better.

Grow into the family you all want to be one day at a time

Time is precious

Schedule Habits

Raising Us enables you to prioritize your most meaningful tasks everyday.

A scheduled reminder is that little nudge we need to get those small but vital habits established in our children and ourselves.

Everyone counts

We all have needs

Sometimes its hard to juggle everything and everyone!

Raising Us empowers parents to really focus on the the small but important things for each member of the family everyday.

Change is constant

Growth Mindset

To support parents as their families change and grow we have a curated list of habits, including suggestions from other parents.

Our 7 categories have been carefully chosen to improve the overall well being of families, these include;

Family Time, Learning, Chores, 1:1 Time, Exercise, Health and Mindfulness.

We believe it takes a village and we can all support each other by sharing what small but meaningful habits have worked for us.



Build Streaks

Consistency & repetition are key to building habits. Build streaks and win everyday.


Habit Journal

Journal to record, reflect and celebrate your habit building journey.


Shared Account

Keep everyone on the same page by sharing your family account email and password.


Reminders for you

With a reminder you can fit in the small stuff, which adds up to be the big stuff!


Everyone Matters

We all have different needs and habits that we want to build. Thrive together as a family.


Grow Together

Our curated list of habit ideas is there for you. It takes a village so let's share our ideas!

"We first make our habits, and then our habits make us"

John dryden